Skullcandy Air Raid Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker


The Skullcandy Air Raid Waterproof speaker is not only rugged in looks but also very powerful in sound. Yes, it’s waterproof and so you can take along with you in your outdoor camping. This new kid in town is ready to rock with you in your parties and camping trips and add more fun to your life.

Why I Bought This Speaker

I previously owned a Jam Box speaker but I wasn’t happy despite many good reviews about it. No doubt, at mid level of volume, it is pleasing but you know, sometimes we need loud music when situation demands. I hosted a small party at my backyard on 15 October 2015 but to my dismay, the music became distorted whenever we played the music at the highest volume and so I was very embarrassed at the speaker. The very night I started searching every nook and corner for a good speaker. I came across many positive reviews from trusted customers and so I ordered for this speaker.

It arrived within 24 hours and when I unboxed the speaker, I found it very impressive. The previous Jambox speaker made me skeptical of distortion of music and so I checked it immediately and to my surprise, it gave out a loud, crisp and clear sound even at the highest volume. I have owned it for nearly one year now and I am very happy with this speaker.

Skullcandy _Bluetooth_Speaker

Skullcandy Air Raid Speaker and Me

I have been in a relation with this speaker for almost one year now and until today it hasn’t disappoint me at all. It looks rugged and powerful not only in looks but in the battery life as well. Just by listening, my friends often confused this little speaker for a big speaker because the surround sound fills my living room.

I am very fond of camping and this little devil is a good companion to keep me entertained all the time. Another good thing about this speaker is that, it is a water resistant speaker and so rain or splash of water doesn’t bother me at all. On my way to camping, there was a sudden shower of the rain while I was listening to a sweet music on my bike and so I was a little worried that the speaker might be spoiled by the rain because there was no shelter but I realized that it is water resistant. I kept riding my bike for another 15 minutes in the drizzle but nothing happened to my little guy.


Other Similar Speakers

There are thousands of other good water resistant wireless Bluetooth speakers in the market. However, the difference in prices is the biggest challenge for almost the same kind of product. Photive Hydra Speaker is also a good water resistant speaker. It is rugged, stylish and sturdy in looks. You can hardly resist owning this speaker once you see the looks and its performance. If you are confused at which speaker to buy, read reviews about Photive Hydra speaker because it is one of the best wireless speakers although it is a little pricey. Another wireless Bluetooth speaker that is equally good and popular among users is the Bose SoundLink Speaker. However, both these speakers cost more than the SkullCandy Air Raid speaker do.

Bottom Line

There are times when your smartphones cannot give you the kind of sound you like. When you plug in your ear buds for long, it cause pain in the ear and so in such a situation, you will find wireless Bluetooth speaker very handy. Moreover, you can take it along with you anywhere and have fun with friends and family members. All you need is a Bluetooth enabled phone to play music with this speaker.

Get Entertained With Amazon’s Best Selling Kindle


The advancement of technology has boosted the world of entertainment to greater heights. The development of Kindle technology has enhanced readers to cultivate the habit of reading pleasurably.

For those of you who love reading, here’s a good news. Amazon has produced one of the most uniquely designed e-book reader called the Kindle Paperwhite. It’s purposely designed as a dedicated e-reader, which is one of the best selling Kindle in the world.

Experience the comfort of reading with Amazon’s Kindle, and indulge yourself in various other entertainments like listening music at the background.

Some of the most Striking Features of Kindle Paperwhite

The Kindle Paperwhite is light and thin, lighter than a book and thinner than a pencil. You can easily hold in one hand, and comfortably read for long hours without any discomfort.

It’s designed with the highest resolution of 300 ppi display. Making it the very clear and easy to read, almost like that of a book printed on a paper. The fonts are hand tuned at the pixel level for maximum readability

Amazon’s Kindle reads like paper, with no screen glares even in bright sunlight.

Unlike your Smartphone or tablet screens which are highly reflective, straining your eyes.

You will not have any difficulty in reading, and it won’t tire your eyes even in the dark, because it has built-in front light. The light will guide towards the surface of the display and you will be able to read clearly without straining your eyes.

The screen’s brightness can be adjusted as per your comfort or desire. There’s an integrated light, which is adjustable for both day and night reading.

Unlike other devices and gadgets, you can indulge yourself in reading without any interruptions like an email alert or push notifications etc. It’s a dedicated e-book reader so you will not face such disturbances at all.

If you wish to know more about Kindle or read related articles and reviews written by various users you may type in Kindle Paperwhite at pickmyreader and check out whether it’s worth investing for various entertainment?

Advantages of using Kindle for various other Entertainments 

When you have Kindle in your hand, you will have an access to thousands of books and favorite titles. So, get entertained reading your favorite novels, fictions and literatures etc.  Moreover, you will enjoy free access to Amazon’s content.

One of the best things about Kindle is the battery life. When the device is fully charged, it will last for weeks. You don’t have to charge again and again unlike other devices for entertainment.

If you want to enhance your vocabulary, every words looked up in the dictionary are automatically saved in the Vocabulary Builder. Later, you can go back and test your knowledge and power of retention.

You will have an access to Wi-Fi connectivity for sharing or downloading your books, novels, favorite quotes to your friends on Facebook and Twitter.

In today’s generation devices such as Kindle, Game console, Tablet, Laptop and Smartphone play a very important role in entertaining people, both young and old who are living in bondage of stress, anxiety and worry in this fast, busy and hectic world.

Veho’s Vecto Mini Water Resistant Wireless Bluetooth Speaker



For the music lovers, portable wireless speaker is a must have gadget. It will truly satisfy and fulfill your hunger and passion for listening music.

Veho is one of the famous UK based company that manufacturers excellent wireless speakers. The Vecto Mini water resistant speaker is one of their best productions which have attracted many users around the world.

What’s so interesting about Veho’s Vecto Mini Wireless Speaker?  

The Vecto Mini speaker is a water resistant Bluetooth speaker with IP64 ratings. This means, the speaker is fully protected against dust and splashes of water from any direction. Therefore, it’s perfect for outdoor adventures such as trekking, camping and picnics with friends.

This speaker is small in size, rugged and lightweight in design. So, you can easily carry with you anywhere. You will never run out of music wherever you go.

It uses Bluetooth technology to connect with other compatible devices such as your Smartphone, iPad and laptop, inorder to play music. Moreover, you can also use the line-in cable to connect with other musical devices.

Veho’s Vecto wireless speaker is fully equipped with two powerful 3Watt speakers on each side, this helps in delivering amazing sound of music without distortion.

With Vecto Mini speaker, you will be able to listen to your favorite music for about 4 hours via Bluetooth, and 8 hours of line-in music playback.

It has a built in tract and volume control. So, you can easily adjust the volume at your convenience, and change tract directly from the speaker without any hassle.

This speaker is compatible with your iPhones, tablets and MP3 players.

The Vecto Mini wireless speaker comes with a handy clip on karabiner. This makes it very comfortable and easy to hang the speaker around your waist, or on your carry bag whenever, you wanted to walk hands freely.

This wireless Bluetooth speaker is available in Orange color with black borders.

Specifications of Vecto Mini Bluetooth Speaker Model No. VXS-003-VM 

  • The dimensions of this speaker are 6.7inches x 2 inches x 3 inches
  • The weight of this wireless speaker is 8 ounces
  • The Bluetooth connectivity range is about 15 meters
  • This speaker will support Bluetooth A2DP and AVRCP
  • It comes with a rechargeable battery, with the capacity for 700mAh
  • The approximate charging time required is one and half hours

This wireless portable Bluetooth speaker is designed to stand up against the most reckless outdoor adventures and activities. Use it and experience the comfort and convenience of having Vecto Mini as your companion.

If any of your friends are fond of music and adventures, this could be an ideal gift pack on their birthdays or anniversaries.

Trust me, the price of this speaker is cheap and affordable for everyone who wish to invest on such a wonderful and powerful wireless speaker.

How Portable Induction Cooktop can Add Fun to your Entertainment

Food and MusicWith plenty of food to fill your stomach and endless music to rock you, any kinds of entertainment will just keep going better and better. Food and music, among other necessities in our lives, are the two things that we all love, and without which, entertainment would be dull and boring.

My idea of entertainment would be different from yours, and surely you can have full entertainment and maximum fun without these two on your list. Here, I’m just saying that food and music can add more fun to our entertainment or enjoyment.

How a Cooktop can Add Fun

A portable cooktop can add more fun to our entertainment in different ways. When it comes to me, cooking at the patio or sometimes at the backyard is a common activity. I love preparing my favorite food recipes during weekends and treating my family and close friends. Sipping tea and a little chit chat, sweet music and good food on the table; that’s just perfect combination and a great way to boost your entertainment.

Does a portable cooktop make your list when you plan for travel, camping, hiking, and other such activities? It is an essential item for me when I go camping outdoors. An induction cooktop is more preferable if there is power outlet. A portable gas cooktop will also just work fine. If you pack a portable cooktop with you, you can cook the way you want, eat fresh clean food and adjust your own time for cooking and eating. It will keep you and the whole group healthy and fit.

listening music and cooking

Why Portable Induction Cooktop?

A portable induction cooktop seems to be a better choice for some reasons. The first reason would be because of its portability. Induction cooktops are small and slim in size that it is much lighter when compared to gas cooktop. It does not get stain or rust and can be easily wiped clean, so that you can just pack it in your bag. Other reasons would be heat consistency and great technology features. But, don’t forget that you will need electric supply to use it.

If you love the open flame or if you camp in areas where there is irregular power supply, portable gas cooktop is the best option. It’s just that you will have to sacrifice a little more because it is heavier than induction cooktop and you will also have to carry a separate propane tank. You can also check out best rated gas cooktop reviews here:

Wherever we might be or whatever we do, we can always find a way to add more fun and have maximum entertainment. And if your idea of entertainment matches with mine somehow, don’t forget to pack a cooktop and don’t miss out your favorite music collection next time.

I thought you might want to check out the Nesco induction cooktop, which will be very convenient while cooking outdoors.

Have You Heard Of Water Dancing Mini Speakers?

Gadgets and devices that we used for listening music are getting more and more fashionable in looks, design and features.

The Water Dancing Speakers are capable for delivering amazing sound of music, along with a beautiful lighting, creating a perfect atmosphere for late night parties with your friends.


Some of the Special Features of Water Dancing Speakers

The Water Dancing Speakers are creatively designed, illuminated by a colorful and bright LED’s. Creating a truly unique water show as well.

These speakers are perfect for use in your laptops and desktops, to enjoy the pleasure of listening music.

Water Dancing Speakers are mostly powered by USB. You can easily connect with other compatible devices using the 3.5 mm audio cable which is included in this package.

It produces high quality sound of music, well balanced stereo and bass sound. Fully equipped with two 3Watt speakers for delivering immersive sound. The speakers are completely sealed. No worries for water leakage.

When you switch on the music from your laptop, both the speakers will release colorful water, moving up & down with the pitch of the music.

The water dances to the music, providing colorful lightings for all to enjoy and spend wonderful time with your friends or family.

It does not require any batteries since it is mostly powered by USB or the main power supply.

The water bounces with the rhythm of the music, making it very attractive to look at the speaker when the music is on.

Both the speakers splash jets of water illuminated by multi colored LED’s to the movement of the music. The multi color includes red, blue, green and yellow.

The height of water is determined by the volume and pitch of sound of the music.

Large-water-dancing-speakersIt has a black rubberized base, this is to avoid unnecessary movement of the speaker when the music starts playing.

The LED lightings are bright enough to be seen even in daylight however, at night it looks fantastic and overwhelming.

The Water Dancing Speaker measures about 22cm x 6cm x 6cm. Compact and light, making it very convenient and easy to carry anywhere. The portability is another advantage of this speaker.

If you are looking for a fashionable mini speaker for your personal use, I would highly recommend you to check Water Dancing Mini Speakers and experience the taste of music with lightings. The price is fabulous, cheap and affordable for everyone.

If you are fond of gifting, this could be a perfect choice for those who love music. So, depending on your requirements you can place your orders online, and get it delivered at your doorstep.

SleepPhones Wireless Bluetooth Headband Headphones

In this hectic world, people are struggling to take good rest or to enjoy the pleasure to sleeping peacefully. The demands of the day are so much that many people in the world are living a stressful life and sleepless nights.

How important and necessary it is for everyone to have a sound sleep. This will make you healthy and fit for any activities.

The SleepPhones wireless Bluetooth headband headphones are specially designed to make you sleep peacefully by listening to the sweet sound of the music.


Attractive Features of SleepPhones Bluetooth Headband Headphones

The SleepPhones Bluetooth Headphone is crafted in consultation with a medical doctor, designed to be used as a device for helping you sleep peacefully.

This comfortable headband headphone is made with luxurious soft fleece and breeze fabric. It’s a stretchable headband, specially designed for used while lying in bed.

It comes in two fabrics. The fleece headband is 88% polyester and 12% spandex. (Blue and Pink color). The breeze headband is 95% polyester and 5% spandex.     (Black, Lavender and Gray color)

This wireless headphone is available in three different sizes: extra small size which is about 51cm to 54cm, one size fits most or medium size in 55cm to 59cm range, and extra large size in 60cm to 63cm.

Listening to soft music during bedtime will make you feel sleepy or fall asleep quickly. So, this device is useful, if you are struggling to sleep at night.

This headphone is designed in such a way to give you the comfort of listening music wirelessly. It uses Bluetooth technology to connect with your Smartphone or other compatible devices that plays music amazingly.

This headband headphone is replacing the painful and uncomfortable earplugs that we normally use for listening music.

The built- in speakers can be easily repositioned or adjusted at your convenience.

It will give you the enjoyment for listening music for about 10 to 13 hours.

This headphone is rechargeable with the help of a standard USB charging port.

The other advantage of this headphone is the ability to lie flat without any inconveniences, and no hanging of wires and cables.

It’s a private audio, perfect for bedtime music. It will not even disturb others nor will it disturb you as well.

This headband headphone can be washed when the in-built speakers are removed safely.

The SleepPhones Bluetooth Headband Headphones comes in five beautiful colors such as galaxy blue and sunset pink, midnight black, quite lavender and soft gray.

The SleepPhones wireless Bluetooth headband headphone is a winner of an innovation award at the International Consumer Electronics Show.

sleeping headphones

Technical Specifications of SleepPhones Wireless Headband Headphones

  • The SleepPhones wireless Bluetooth headband headphone measures about 14 x 3.8 x 14 cm, and it weighs about 59 grams only.
  • The Bluetooth connectivity range is about 15 to 30 feet
  • There’s a built-in rechargeable Lithium-ion battery
  • It will take about 3 hours to recharge the battery via micro USB port
  • Eco-friendly packing and retail packing options are available as per your request.

If you wanted a better way to listen to a relaxing sound of music in your bed, this will be an ideal choice. It will surely give you the comfort and relaxation of listening music wirelessly.

With SleepPhones Wireless Bluetooth Headband Headphones you will hear the sweet sound of music from your smartphones or tablets, and have a peaceful sleep every night. Experience the comfort of using such a wonderful headphones that can make you sleep happily.