Have You Heard Of Water Dancing Mini Speakers?

Gadgets and devices that we used for listening music are getting more and more fashionable in looks, design and features.

The Water Dancing Speakers are capable for delivering amazing sound of music, along with a beautiful lighting, creating a perfect atmosphere for late night parties with your friends.


Some of the Special Features of Water Dancing Speakers

The Water Dancing Speakers are creatively designed, illuminated by a colorful and bright LED’s. Creating a truly unique water show as well.

These speakers are perfect for use in your laptops and desktops, to enjoy the pleasure of listening music.

Water Dancing Speakers are mostly powered by USB. You can easily connect with other compatible devices using the 3.5 mm audio cable which is included in this package.

It produces high quality sound of music, well balanced stereo and bass sound. Fully equipped with two 3Watt speakers for delivering immersive sound. The speakers are completely sealed. No worries for water leakage.

When you switch on the music from your laptop, both the speakers will release colorful water, moving up & down with the pitch of the music.

The water dances to the music, providing colorful lightings for all to enjoy and spend wonderful time with your friends or family.

It does not require any batteries since it is mostly powered by USB or the main power supply.

The water bounces with the rhythm of the music, making it very attractive to look at the speaker when the music is on.

Both the speakers splash jets of water illuminated by multi colored LED’s to the movement of the music. The multi color includes red, blue, green and yellow.

The height of water is determined by the volume and pitch of sound of the music.

Large-water-dancing-speakersIt has a black rubberized base, this is to avoid unnecessary movement of the speaker when the music starts playing.

The LED lightings are bright enough to be seen even in daylight however, at night it looks fantastic and overwhelming.

The Water Dancing Speaker measures about 22cm x 6cm x 6cm. Compact and light, making it very convenient and easy to carry anywhere. The portability is another advantage of this speaker.

If you are looking for a fashionable mini speaker for your personal use, I would highly recommend you to check Water Dancing Mini Speakers and experience the taste of music with lightings. The price is fabulous, cheap and affordable for everyone.

If you are fond of gifting, this could be a perfect choice for those who love music. So, depending on your requirements you can place your orders online, and get it delivered at your doorstep.

SleepPhones Wireless Bluetooth Headband Headphones

In this hectic world, people are struggling to take good rest or to enjoy the pleasure to sleeping peacefully. The demands of the day are so much that many people in the world are living a stressful life and sleepless nights.

How important and necessary it is for everyone to have a sound sleep. This will make you healthy and fit for any activities.

The SleepPhones wireless Bluetooth headband headphones are specially designed to make you sleep peacefully by listening to the sweet sound of the music.


Attractive Features of SleepPhones Bluetooth Headband Headphones

The SleepPhones Bluetooth Headphone is crafted in consultation with a medical doctor, designed to be used as a device for helping you sleep peacefully.

This comfortable headband headphone is made with luxurious soft fleece and breeze fabric. It’s a stretchable headband, specially designed for used while lying in bed.

It comes in two fabrics. The fleece headband is 88% polyester and 12% spandex. (Blue and Pink color). The breeze headband is 95% polyester and 5% spandex.     (Black, Lavender and Gray color)

This wireless headphone is available in three different sizes: extra small size which is about 51cm to 54cm, one size fits most or medium size in 55cm to 59cm range, and extra large size in 60cm to 63cm.

Listening to soft music during bedtime will make you feel sleepy or fall asleep quickly. So, this device is useful, if you are struggling to sleep at night.

This headphone is designed in such a way to give you the comfort of listening music wirelessly. It uses Bluetooth technology to connect with your Smartphone or other compatible devices that plays music amazingly.

This headband headphone is replacing the painful and uncomfortable earplugs that we normally use for listening music.

The built- in speakers can be easily repositioned or adjusted at your convenience.

It will give you the enjoyment for listening music for about 10 to 13 hours.

This headphone is rechargeable with the help of a standard USB charging port.

The other advantage of this headphone is the ability to lie flat without any inconveniences, and no hanging of wires and cables.

It’s a private audio, perfect for bedtime music. It will not even disturb others nor will it disturb you as well.

This headband headphone can be washed when the in-built speakers are removed safely.

The SleepPhones Bluetooth Headband Headphones comes in five beautiful colors such as galaxy blue and sunset pink, midnight black, quite lavender and soft gray.

The SleepPhones wireless Bluetooth headband headphone is a winner of an innovation award at the International Consumer Electronics Show.

sleeping headphones

Technical Specifications of SleepPhones Wireless Headband Headphones

  • The SleepPhones wireless Bluetooth headband headphone measures about 14 x 3.8 x 14 cm, and it weighs about 59 grams only.
  • The Bluetooth connectivity range is about 15 to 30 feet
  • There’s a built-in rechargeable Lithium-ion battery
  • It will take about 3 hours to recharge the battery via micro USB port
  • Eco-friendly packing and retail packing options are available as per your request.

If you wanted a better way to listen to a relaxing sound of music in your bed, this will be an ideal choice. It will surely give you the comfort and relaxation of listening music wirelessly.

With SleepPhones Wireless Bluetooth Headband Headphones you will hear the sweet sound of music from your smartphones or tablets, and have a peaceful sleep every night. Experience the comfort of using such a wonderful headphones that can make you sleep happily.